Monday, May 16, 2022

You're Not The Boss Of Me

     Complaints, my, don't I get complaints!  "Your blog is usually interesting as long as you stay away from political rants," for instance.

     Look, sonny, if it's not interesting to you, go read something else.  You're probably late for a Bund meeting anyway.  I'm not writing for punks and fools -- Right, Left or just plain loony.  Don't like that?  My heart fair bleeds for you, except it doesn't.

     This is my blog.  I do it to amuse myself, not you.  I'll write about what I darned well want to, and if people don't like it, they're not obliged to read it.  

     The same griper takes me to task for not commenting on "Row v. Wade," which I think is in re the possible U. S. Supreme Court overturning or altering of their previous decision in Roe v. Wade.  Two things about that: one, it hasn't happened yet, so people on all sides of the issue are running around like headless chickens on spec; two, I believe that the only people with relevant opinions on abortion are A, pregnant mothers and B, doctors.

     My belief will not change no matter what the courts say.  Abortion, like guns, drugs and alcohol, is something legislatures and courts can make rules and decisions about all day long, but all they are really deciding is who they're going to make into criminals if the police can catch them; human behavior will go on, not much altered, no matter what the mostly well-off men in nice suits who went to nice colleges have to say about it in fancy language.  They can legalize and have some hope of controlling and limiting the related behaviors, or they can illegalize it and pretend it won't happen -- but it will, and it will be largely unrestrained, uncontrolled and unlimited.  That's the actual choice.

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Mike V said...

The thing we must remember, all of us, is that there are more things that unite us than divide us. If we can't remember that, we are doomed as a nation. I liked through the late 60s when the nation seemed determined to tear itself apart and we all, finally stepped back from the brink. I pray we do this time as well.

We forgot that in 1861 and the result was a horrible, bloody war. If we forget this time, the result could make the breakup of Yugoslavia look like a Sunday School picnic.