Friday, May 20, 2022

Antibiotics And A Warning

      The RapiDoc (not its real name) went well, but came with a short lecture.  No, it wasn't about not startling the cat (I think that has sunk in) but on monitoring the deep slash across the back of my left ring finger and what to do if it shows signs of infection: go to the ER.  And the doctor meant go: I am not to give it time or try some different topical goo, just get in the car and get to the hospital.

      They have me on the latest, greatest antibiotic pills and if those are overmatched, the only next steps are things you need a hospital for.  So that was sobering.  My normal inclination is to clean and bandage minor injuries, then ignore them until they heal.  This time, I'll need to be a little more proactive.

      The nurse and doctor had me soak my hand in something mild for several minutes, swabbed every cut and puncture with iodine, coated it with triple antibiotic and bandaged it up a little differently to my first efforts.  When I picked up my prescription, I bought some self-sticking tape and non-stick bandages so I can copy what they did.


Cop Car said...

I've come to believe the message that "normal scratches" can lead to serious infections and are not to be pooh-poohed. Of course, that is an intellectual belief - not necessarily one to which I pay enough attention. In your case, Roberta--with your other issues, I hope it all works out with no further to-do. Good luck!

Comrade Misfit said...

Indeed, if it's not healing, go to the ER posthaste. You will likely be given IV antibiotics. People have lost digits and hands from not taking cat scratches/bites seriously.

(More for your readers than you. I suspect that you know this.)