Sunday, May 01, 2022

A Mastermind

      What could be better than trying to finish the laundry you didn't get done the day before and discovering you had let a large load of socks run the night before in the dryer with the hot air off?  Once the tumbling-only was over, they sat all night, damp and unhappy.  Of course, I only found them after I had started a load of towels and washcloths, so now everything is out of kilter.

      The towels are drying now with the hot air on* and the socks are in the washer, hoping for redemption through rewashing.
* I do realize modern dryers have more settings than those two, it's just in my experience those settings are RUIN CLOTHES, DAMAGE CLOTHES, DRY CLOTHES and AMUSE CLOTHES.  That's two more than my Mom's 1949 Sears Kenmore dryer had, but the same number of useful ones.  Mom used that dryer until the 1980s -- it never broke, but she wanted a newer one that was higher off the floor.


Cop Car said...

Your mother was a trend setter, Roberta. I don't really remember when my parents bought their first dryer - after I left home for school in 1955. In 1959, just before our first daughter was born, we were able to buy a Sears washer & dryer with generous gifting from relatives who knew that we needed money more than anything else. That pair lasted us through moves to Seattle and back and only was replaced when the builder of our house threw in a set of Maytags as a "completion gift" in 1968. Nothing beats the smell of clothing/linens fresh off of the line, though.

Mike V said...

The old dryers are like old refrigerators, they never seem to wear out. I'm pretty sure my Mom's dryer has been in use since the late 1970s.