Tuesday, May 03, 2022

It's Primary Election Day In Indiana

      If you are a member of either one of the two big parties, today is your chance to help select candidates for the November election, and I encourage you to do so.

      Must admit, I'm sitting this one out.  I'm not a member of either party, and we're back in Andre Carson's U. S. House district.  He's a Democrat, in a strongly Democratic district, and he's a "legacy," having succeeded his aunt in the post.  He's also an excellent campaigner.  I don't agree with many of his positions, but he's the guy we've got and he will probably hold the office just as long as he still cares to.  So there's no point in voting in the Democrat or Republic primaries in that race.  That's the single most significant contest on my ballot and it's not a real contest, despite lots of other people running for it in both party primaries.

      I'll go with whoever the more strongly partisan voters want, and choose among the primary results this Fall.  At this writing, I am very likely to vote a straight Democratic ticket: there's a real lack of sane Republicans and if I'm forced to pick between candidates with whom I have policy disagreements on one side, and the other offers candidates actively hostile to free elections, freedom of the press, individual rights and our system of government, I'll vote for the side with office-seekers who are merely mistaken.  If the GOP gives up fantasy and conspiracy theories, or at least produces candidates who neither buy into nor go along with such nonsense, I'll consider them for my vote.  But not until then.  

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