Saturday, May 28, 2022


     Friday got away from me.  I'm working this weekend and had Thursday and Friday off, so that's weird to begin with; Saturday is usually my laundry and housecleaning (such as gets done) day.  The developing mess with Uvalde police response and fallacious early statements kept drawing my attention.*  Trying to get things done with open wounds on my left hand and wrist (4 - 6 washings and dressing changes per day) is another distraction and time sink, and by the time I was doing the last of my chores, it was past bedtime already.  So no post.

     And today, you get this.
* I try not to second-guess police, especially early on -- we have the Press, politicians and, when necessary, the courts for that -- but the LEO response appears to have been far short of optimal and the originally-claimed timeline is starting to look more and more like some kind of CYA under the banner of "fog of war."  This manner of horrific crime shouldn't happen -- but they do, and when they do, the law-enforcement response should not be to stand back while innocent lives are under immediate threat.  In coming days, we will all know more about why and how that happened, and I hope law enforcement will be working on ways to never do so again. 

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