Monday, May 09, 2022

That's One Round

      Yesterday and Saturday, I filled a thirty gallon trash bag with dandelions, mostly from the back yard.  That's not all of them, but it's as many as I could find.  Unfortunately, between that, laundry and Sunday dimmer (grilled flank steak, fresh mushrooms in a pot on the grill with garlic/parsley butter, baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts), I got nothing else done. 

      On the other hand, that was quite a lot, and I did clean out the grill, too.  The last time I used it, I had absent-mindedly left the lid up instead of closing it and shutting the vents.  I found it after dinner but by then, there wasn't much fuel left.  So that cost me a about an hour's worth of hardwood lump charcoal.  Aside from a few unburned pieces of charcoal, it left only nice fluffy ash, easy to pour into a trash bag.  I don't mind building up a nice bed of ash in the grill, but once it gets higher than the fire grate, it doesn't draw as well.


Antibubba said...

Do you do something special with the dandelions, or are you weeding?

Roberta X said...

Just weeding. The roots are supposed to be good as a coffee "stretcher" if washed, dried and roasted, and the leaves of young plants are said to be tasty in salad, but I have not tried either.