Friday, March 15, 2013


     My head is unusually empty of ideas this morning, perhaps due to an overnight incident of which I have absolutely no memory.  Woke up this morning with an achy knot in my left calf and when I mentioned it to Tam, she gave me A Look and asked a question:

     "You don't remember?"

     "Remember what?"

     "I didn't look what time it was but in the middle of the night, you yelled 'Nooooo!' and I came running in just in time to see you sit bolt upright, grab at your leg and push my cat off your bed while she was still asleep."

     "Poor Rannie!"

     "She landed on her feet.  Anyway, you had a calf cramp."

     No kiddin'.  Still hurts, too.  I'm kind of glad I don't remember.

*  *  *

     Rannie Wu was apparently still reaching for serenity this morning -- I fed the cats, shut the door between the bedrooms and front rooms as I went back to shut off my alarm clock and when I went back to cook breakfast, found she had eaten a little of her food and was now sitting on the window seat, feet all tucked in, calmly contemplating her half-full food bowl.  Once I had the skillet going, she begged for a little olive oil (I put a half-teaspoon in the cup-depression in the center of a saucer for her most mornings, which she thinks is a huge treat), then returned to her bowl to finish eating.  One has one's composure to maintain, hey?


Jennifer said...

I hate that. Especially when there is a bruise to show for it.

perlhaqr said...

I too am exceptionally devoid of Zen this morning. :-/ Probably my impending flight.

Man, I remember a time in my life when I actually looked forward to air travel. *sigh*

JD Rush said...

I've evicted a cat from the bed like that. Of course, he had just been playing with my feet and woke me up. So I returned the favor by tapping him off the end of the bed. The thud woke up my wife, who proclaimed "You are hurting his self esteem!"

Anonymous said...

I have those from time to time. Magnesium apparently helps. But don't overdo it--even a small amount can act as a laxative.

Able said...

But you left out the important information - what weapon was Tam wielding? It's important to know what the recommended weapon/calibre/load/accessory/outfit is for responding to 'night time screams', not to mention nightmares where 'the clown starts eating your leg' (or is that just me?).

Er, kishnevi, not so much magnesium as potassium and quinine - so a good excuse for a pre-bed banana daiquiri and G&T (as if I need an excuse!).

Able said...

I'd be interested in others response 'equipment' ideas too, specifically:

-pistol vs shotgun
- hand-held vs weapon light
-boxers vs tactical onesies ;-)

Robin said...

JD Rush, cat self-esteem is bullet proof.

Roberta X said...

FWIW, The Tamara arrived in the room armed with...empty hands. Also, I sleep with a dim light on. (If I'm gonna die in my sleep, I wanna see what gets me.)

Heck, I have guns. If it was somebody who needed shot, she would have heard not "Noooo!" but *BANG!* repeated until the need for same had ceased.

Also, she's heard me get calf cramps before and it's usually the same process: I get about half-awake, move my foot wrong, and shriek "No!" as I realize what I have triggered.