Thursday, March 14, 2013

March BlogMeet: The 17th!

     Why not? With any luck, the worst of the green-shamrock idioten (with proud Irish names like "Smith," "Rameriez" and "Kaczynski"*) will have drunk their fill of green beer the day before.

     Sunday, 17 March, 3:00 pm, let's try Brugge for a start, with fade-back to the Ripple Bagel Deli as an option if Eire has invaded Belgium.

     Remember, this is Indy 1500 Gun Show weekend, too!
* And that's the U.S. for you: wherever you are from, if you move here you're likely to find your holidays co-opted and whatever you grew up eating transformed into a fast (or at least middlin'-quick) food.  Then we start doing mash-ups and before too long, you're celebrating Canada Day by eating bratwurst tacos in a pita-bread shell at a faux-English pub in Nebraska.  You want culture?  We're a heated cabinet fulla Petrie dishes and they're all kinda porous!)


Able said...

Whilst I would never dare (Tam scares me!) attend (and not currently doing missionary work with your fellow colonials) I would like the recipe for the "bratwurst tacos in a pita-bread shell" if you don't mind!

Having (sort of) recently visited Lincoln I question whether there 'could' be a "faux-English pub" there since:

- no one knows how to make black-pudding, fried slice or fish'n'chips.

- it' so damn cold it would absolutely ruin the beer (and the scrumpy would freeze solid)

- they think something that resembles what one of my horses produces when she has a UTI is beer (and that 12 pints is 'a lot' when every real Englishman knows that's just 'lunch')

- they think darts is only a game (and they really take offence at my explanation that football requires a round ball and some contact between foot and ball - still the police were very nice and didn't shoot me even once and Bubba, who shared my cell, still writes)

- lack of 'atmosphere' (no surly bar-staff, indoor 'facilities' [are they all effeminate?], no drunks lying under the tables, and they 'talk' to strangers?!?)

On the other hand there did seem to be a substantial number of people who fit the 'yokel' subset (if they only learnt how to use bailing twine to tie round their knees and to keep their trousers up).

No, if you want an English pub, the only place to find one is here in good old Blighty (I just don't understand why, have you no taste?)

Joanna said...

Y'know, "soccer" is a contraction of "association football" and was in fact the original name of the sport. Calling it "football" came later, not the other way around.

Just sayin'.

I will definitely be at the blogmeet.

The Jack said...

I can make it. Haven't been to Brugge... since the last one.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Planning on being there.

Keads said...

Ah, hell! I have a friend up there now downtown.

Me? New shooter class Saturday and Concealed class Sunday. Maybe in May?

Stretch said...

Hey! I've Irish root and am a Smith!
I also have Welsh, Scots, German, Swedish, Swiss, French, and God only know what else roots.

Q: What to the Irish call St. Paddy's Day?
A: Amateur Night

Also celebrate Oktoberfest, St. David's Day (I eat a leek), Burn's Night (haggis!), Hogmanay, and what ever else provides an excuse for eating and drinking. The 5th of May goes unremarked. Why a victory over the French warrants a celebration is beyond me. It's not like it's an unusual event.

Sabra said...

I've always enjoyed the German-Mexican meld of cultures we have locally. Bratwurst is pretty good wrapped in a tortilla, and of course the Norteños have their own sort of polka music. The ne plus ultra, so far as I am concerned is the chicken fried steak (read: schnitzel) topped with cheese & jalapeños you can find at a couple of places locally.

Karl said...

rats. was all packed up and ready to go, then had to change plans.

You guys have fun. Hope to see you in April.