Friday, March 22, 2013


    Pop quiz: how many "high-capacity assualt clips" were needed in the recent murder of Colorado's Director of Prisons?

     If you answered "none," you win!  --But there is no prize.  Just a sadder damn' mess than usual.  Not that it keeps idiots* from trying to link the two; and never you mind that he could have been doorstepped with a sedan or an axe as easily.  All that crime took was a total disregard for a man's life.  The means were a mere detail.
* Or the New York Times.  But I repeat myself.


JD Rush said...

Of course they had to work the gun control angle in there, to try to link the two. For all they know, it was a disgruntled state worker or someone pissed about a parole hearing. Or like the murder murder suicide the Marines had this morning.

Aubrey Turner said...

Looks like this *might* be some kind of white supremacist prison gang vendetta. Or at least that's the connection the news media has been dying to make ever since the likely killer wound up here in North Texas (where he found out the hard way that Texas lawmen don't take kindly when you shoot one of their own).