Friday, March 15, 2013


     Two days ago, I blogged about my $35ish Kershaw 1820ST.

     Yesterday, the torsion spring broke.  Same place as the spring on my first one.  Looks like the springs only last a couple of years if you use the knife a lot.

     I wrote 'em, asking after replacement parts.  We'll see if they reply.  My expectations...  Well, I shall reserve judgement.


Ben C said...

I have a couple Mini-cyclones I use at work. I usually break about one spring a year.

Anonymous said...

They'll send the spring. In fact, they will send a couple if you ask. I bought a ZT0350 and emailed to see if I could get a few replacement springs despite the fact mine had not yet broken - had them in a week.

JayNola said...

I sent my Boa back after the torsion spring broke after 12years of EDC. Not only did they replace the spring they replaced the belt clip and went through the rest of the knife too. Just cost me shipping one way.