Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Ordinary Rider Overdid It

     I think I went too far -- literally.

     Yesterday afternoon -- I had some volunteer work in the morning -- I installed the new stainless hardware on my pennyfarthing bike basket (thank you, PDW!), and found that a heavy application of beeswax on the bolt threads completely prevented galling, hooray!

     Then I set out on a Journey: a mile-plus through Broad Ripple proper, with excursions to some of the finer junk retro shops and quick check to see if Petite Chou was back (it is; the Broad Ripple Flood -- a sewer backup in heavy rain -- of some years back had shut them down for an extended period, to my regret).  Then a mile-plus out and over to another section of Shoppes, including a new and very kewl one that specializes in not specializing; among the second-hand clothes, old cameras, art and mil-surplus, they had a scattering of Art Deco table lamps that on close inspection are made of cocktail shakers, colanders, and other such appurtenances -- and very well-made at that.  I was still feeling pretty chipper, so I rode around a bit more before heading home.  Five miles, perhaps?  Had a nice dinner, looked at Teh Toob, went to bed early and woke up...with a headache and sore shoulders.

     Made coffee, took ibuprofen and laid down for "just a bit."   Couple of hours later, Tam getting ready woke me.  She asked if I wanted to go shooting today and I allowed how I'd make my own way to the range* maybe -- and fell back asleep.

     Woke up when I heard the door slam later, realized my shoulders were S-O-R-E, set a heat pad and fell asleep again.

     And now here I am.

     I did manage to sneak in a load of laundry on the two previous wakings, so the morning's not a complete loss.

     But maybe I need to work my way up to longer rides.
* Tam and SB delight in a hearty breakfast and a full morning at the range.  I'm best off choosing one or the other.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Did some outside Spring Cleaning yesterday. I DO "Feel your Pain."

Drang said...

"junk/retro shops"...
I believe the term if "Junque Shoppe", although the pseudo-archaic spelling of "shop" is optional.

Sdv1949 said...

Praise the Lord it's not just me.

Gewehr98 said...

Didn't know that PennyFarthings put so much stress on one's arms and shoulders. They looked so stress-free! I'm assuming it's the riding position, to stay reasonably upright requires a serious grip on the handlebars?