Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hey, Peter, What's An "Illegal Gun?"

     C'mon, Mr. Big Expert, define it.  You're against 'em, so you must know what they are.

    Tell me, please, what constitutes an "illegal gun?"

     Peter Vogt, founder and un-elected Chairman of the Board of a self-defined "NRA alternative," except it's a for-profit enterprise which does not extend voting rights to members, pretty much the opposite of NRA, keeps saying, "I am against illegal guns," but he won't say what that'd be.  Un-taxed full-autos and short-barreled shotguns?  AOWs-without-record?  Visible concealed-carry sidearms in his state of residence (Texas, where the sight of a legally-carried handgun, like the sight of a Victorian ankle, is considered shocking and A Matter for the Police)?

     Guns for anyone except him and his friends?

     Thanks to Bitter and Sebastian, who've been all over this nest of vipers.  Look, you want a gun rights organization with a big tent, you've got the NRA; if you want a nice commercial pro-gun outfit, try GunUp.  If you want Astroturf?  Peter Vogt's American Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc., just like ASHA before them.

     Personally, I think you could swap 'em even for a bucket of warm spit (or whatever) stole off John Nance Garner's porch on a hot August day, but maybe that's just me.

     Some days I weep for Texas; but it's a big state and it had rattlesnakes aplenty from Day One.  What's one or two more?


Anonymous said...

Hmm never been sure what a illegal gun looked like, but I would like to make only the "dangerous guns" illegal. I define a "dangerous gun" as any gun that of its own free will decides to go on a shooting rampage.

Joe Allen said...

If someone is adamant about finding and supporting a gun rights organization other than the NRA, I always recommend JPFO, they're smaller but aggressive and tenacious.

And, if ever there was a group of people who could attest to the evils of gun control, it'd be the Jews.

As they say, they welcome members of all - or even no - faiths.

Robert Fowler said...

Austin shouldn't even be considered a part of Texas. It has always been a liberal stronghold.

OldTexan said...

Texas has had a lot of good stuff like Willie Nelson and Buddy Holley and Bar-B-Que and we have lots of land and mostly good folks. We still have a lot of oil, our own electrical grid and a decent economy. However, we have had some really dumb and devastating things occur here.

In the 60's with the death of JFK in Dallas the USA got a martyr and Lyndon Johnson and that was not a good thing. A couple of years later in 1966 we had the Texas Tower shooter in Austin at the University of Texas that was a first.

Then there was Roe v. Wade in Dallas and later the landmark Houston arrest of gay guys doing it and both situations resulted in a culture shift. We have given the country a couple of Bush presidents who gave us a couple of wars and we have sent some of the dumbest Congress people in the USA to Washington.

With about 27 million people here in Texas there are a lot of idiots doing weird and crazy things and when I see a really strange lead for a news report I cross my fingers and hope it is not another fellow Texan.

And yes it is illegal to shoot Lawyers out of season in Texas and our governor has really nice hair.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

And, if ever there was a group of people who could attest to the evils of gun control, it'd be the Jews.

Ayup. Learning as a kid that you don't have any relatives on your maternal Grandmother's side because they all went to the ovens tends to make a believer out of one. At least it did in my case.

Helped that Dad grew up in a hunting and gun-owning family, too. (He converted. They were LCMS. Great people, even the ones who ended up Catholics.)

markm said...

Anon July 6, 2013 at 11:16 AM: Yes.
I think that we can all agree that a "dangerous firearm" is a gun that goes off with no finger on the trigger and hits targets at which it was not pointed. This is the only kind that should ever be banned.