Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jackbooted On The 4th Of July

     In Massachusetts, natch-o, cradle and grave of liberty.  TJIC and Jennifer: TJIC having recently got his FID card back, an infringement like an IL FOID, and applied for an LTC (that'd be a carry permit), received instead -- today -- a visit from the police, who are as we speak removing firearms from the home.  A warrant, they did not have, but advice of counsel, etc. and so on, IMO translated reading, "Do you want to spend tonight behind bars?" has led 'em to make nice.

     Tam's on the phone with Jenn as I write this.  There is much tweeting and retweeting.  Tam's blogging it.


Bob said...

Don't suppose they're hashtagging it on Twitter for those of us who don't follow a lot of people?

Tam said...

Derp. I totes should do that. #IAmTJIC ?

Drang said...

Tam: #IAmTJIC works. Or, #HappyIndependenceDay?