Saturday, October 20, 2007

Moving -- Or Trying To

I don't mind taking time out to see to my cats; but it was time lost and when the wrecking company called to say they were running late, it was a mixed blessing. I had time to get to the vet, but lost time on the move.

I did make some progress. The MGB is moved and fits well in the garage, which has become a mini-biography: (Ooops! Bit of a cock-up at Blogger, no pix upload today. I have posted the photo in my old blog at

Anyway, it's my life story told in artifacts: my prom dress (still fits. Fear me), my "little black dress" from when the Skunk Works did way-formal holiday parties (dude, they served quail eggs and caviar on the buffet-- and it was good!) and a couple of nice cloaks hanging with the other closet overflow above the MGB, bicycle, scooters and Accent; gun-cleaning stuff and ancient, cool-looking electronic gadgets on shelves along the walls, and a few boxes of books still to get taken into the house. Along with a zillion boxes containing everything else!

The guy that moved my MGB (on a huge flatbed wrecker) had better not be reading this blog: oh, he was handsome! About the right height and build, too -- over 6' and well-muscled. Little grey at the temples, also a Good Thing. Plus, he was very, very good at his work, which -- as I have admitted -- is kind of a toe-tingly thing for me. But I was good, I refrained from bein' forward an' he called me "Ma'am" and was properly respectful. Got a decent price, too, considering the amount of finagling and force it took to get the MG out of where it had been for a decade and into its new home.

There was gonna be a cute picture of me in my "alpha geekette" T-shirt but not today, not on Blogger. (You can find it on my MySpace blog). I'm sure they are hammerin' on the stuck data-pipes this very moment and it will all be better by and by.

(And so it was!)

Another day of moving is in store for me tomorrow, so I'm off! Way off, if that's T-shirt's any indication. Wish me luck, there's a lot left to be hauled out.


Anonymous said...

"Ma'am" is generally a good sign. There are only certain men who say that:

Boy Scouts, although until they're actually "working on their Eagle project" (wink), they presume any female with breasts is at least their mom's age, and are likely to help you across the street;

Southerners, as a class, black, white, Choctaw and Confederate officer;

Military--officers mean it, one way or the other; ratings think it is the feminine form of "civilian";

Ex-cons. Recently released.

Really, what's the worst that could happen? Call the guy. Maybe he'll "move your MGB" again.

Tam just met a tall guy too. This must be the week they let us all out for some sun.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, repo-truck driver. He could be all those things at once.

Roberta X said...

You left out one group: bikers, when they want to remind themselves not to leer or grope while working. He was wearing a nice Harley-Davidson tee-shirt. Also a bit of the South-of-US40 accent. Too good a tan to have been In recently.

I gave him my card, the one that lists my profession as "Retrotechnologist" and has my phone number on it.