Thursday, October 11, 2007

If You Were Wondering

HTML's easy to edit, so here's a screencap. A quicker clicker could push those decimals up....

P.S., I am a genius. Big deal. They picked a spot on the bell curve and decided if you scored over that point, you were in! Whee! I'm thinkin' the real genius is in inventing calculus or writing the March from "For the Love of three Oranges." Or in writing that opera to begin with. IQ scores are fun. "Genius" lies in what you do with that sharp, sharp tool.
(For extra points, give names to go with those examples. For extra extra points, give three names!)


Roberta X said...

Fine, I'll do it myself. Newton, Prokofiev; bonus point, Leibniz.

Roberta X said...

Just: You. Are. Banned. Old comment left up to show why.

I'm not mad, I am disappointed.

Roberta X said...

JustThisGuy: email addy at right: roberta.x AT

To reiterate: you have been banned for making a blatantly racist (and counterfactual, had you taken a moment to observe) remark.