Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rumors Of My Exaggeration Are Greatly Dead

....Yes, dear reader -- no, wait! counting the search 'bots, there are three of you! Okay, --readers: I am still blogging, just not much yesterday or a lot today. Maybe tomorrow!

Heap big doings here at the Skunk Works, upon which I would love to dwell in every-polished-bolthead detail, but not even the sleepiest of you need that much sleep. Also -- and here's some kewl "inside dope" on the exciting world of Bigtime Professional Brawdcastering -- we are on the very threshold of "sweeps," which is not the badly-needed stem to stern dusting and vacuuming this place cries out for but The Ratings Period! For you-the-home-viewer, this means plenty of fine and dandy new episodes (All New! In Choler! Er, "Color!") of your favorite shows, plus chat shows with truly attention-grabbingly vile and creepy content; for me, it means All This Junk Gotta Work Right Or Else. Or else we'll get crummy ratings and I won't get a nice raise or even new fun toys. Plus, our competition, evil, conniving slugs that they are (Hi, Tom!), would just love to get even a tiny peek at our Stunning Improvements which are sure to lead to either glory or at least attention, and I'm not gonna be the one t'spill the beans.

So I shan't say much, and that at great length. It's a gift.


Anonymous said...

When I was at the Discovery Channel we always ran our most salacious shows during Sweeps. Things like, "The Science of Sex", "The Science of Sex, Part II" and "More Science of Sex". At PBS they run things like "Death of A Porn Queen".

- Turk Turon

Roberta X said...

Porn has royalty? Ew.

Roberta X said...

...I mean, I was okay with the "pr0n" part, I'll just look away if need be, but heriditary rulers? That's disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Could be worse. At A&E, is it "The Art of Sex," or "The Entertainment of Sex"? Speed Channel, Omigod.

There are a lot of ol'factory jokes about twelve inches and a ruler, that, later in the day, I might not have the nerve to bring up. So just mark off my tally and assume I said it.

Roberta X said...

...I'll give you a Sharpie and you can mark your own tally. --No, keep it, that's okay.

(Did I just say that?)

Anonymous said...

Is that "olfactory" or "old factory"? Probably both.