Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Toweri- Look, It's Done, Okay?

Back to the happy tower story:

In our last episode, Tower Guys and Elevator Guys were sort of squaring off. Each had stuff (thousands of feet and/or pounds of stuff!) in the other's way and there was a bit of bluster!

(Cue exciting, tension-filled the movies).

This isn't the movies. I asked some intentionally somewhat-stupid questions and left them alone to commiserate over the sad fate of good men havin' to answer to a dizzy chick who thinks she knows...! When I came back five minutes later, they had a plan and were best of friends. By mid-afternoon, the tower was unrigged, the elevator worked better than ever, and all was well in the ranks.

That's the good news. The bad is, a lot of non-critical steel parts on the ground end of the elevating works have rusted to flinders and will want replacing. They write my paycheck out of those same accounts some of which will now go to skilled work by outside contractors! So sad.
It does, however, beat combing pieces of elevator out of my hair.

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