Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Towering Maybe

Found today myself at Skunk Works North, not my choice of vacation hotspots but my employer's tower is festooned with steel cable that is Not Ours and the people to whom it does belong, they would be wanting it back, along with their fancy hoist engine.*

Adding to the fun, our own elevator (from several episodes back [at the old blog], the motor about the size of the common washing machine, with gentle eddies of white smoke issuing from each end) has died, been fixed, but not tested! (It took three days, too. For whatever that's worth). The elevator car is still stuck about 900 feet up in the air. It's a long walk down and it's cold up there today.

So I mediate between Tower Dudes and Elevator Dudes, each group proud and independant professionals with their own specific vocabulary and understanding of safety. Big fun! About which, more later. Gads. This is why I never babysat much. Lookin' at each other like tomcats from different school districts, I kept expecting them to puff up twice normal size and hiss.

To Be Continued. Much else to to do.
* The heart of which is great big diesel engine spinning a shoebox-sized pump from which pipes bigger around than my forearm emerge; the scale of every part seems askew to the things it's connected to, which is the way of hydraulics to the eye of the uninitiated.

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