Friday, October 19, 2007

In Excellent Taste, Not As Filling:

Light blogging, of course. (Maybe not this light?) I am, after all, still moving (this is how you can tell I am not dead), not to mention in the process of getting the remainder of My Stuff (TM) from Old House to New House.

It is not easy. But it either build strong bods twelve ways or breaks 'em right down. Maybe both.

Here's the drill: get up. Do coffee (in a Chemex. I'm not a frekkin' barbarian) and oatmeal or whatever. Read blogs. Perform ablutions as indicated. Frown at hair in mirror. (Doesn't help). Attempt to Do Something with hair. Fail. Remember that a striking combination of several colors of ponytail holders is just almost as good as a hairstyle. Pull on V-neck tee-shirt, tights (it's cold in this burg already!) hacked jean shorts, painfully loud sox, Keens, ballcap and a hoodie, grab the usual vade mecumbrances (phone, pocketknife, pilot's watch, sidearm, pocketbook, button that says "Question Authority") and trudge to the garage.

In the garage, I keep the tallest-frame women's bike made, 'cos while I am merely on the high side of average at 5' 9", an awful lot of it is leg. 21 speeds this thing has, of which the top 2 or 3 are useful.

And thus Our Heroine departs to U-Rent-Em at 15-odd mph, despised by drivers who are not ogling her gams, and some who are, too, the decadent sophisticates.

By now, the U-Rent guys have the drill down and don't ask for my SSN or nothin'. They just take my money and excrete a van from hidden storage. Bike goes into van, I go home, and the fun starts.

See, I broke my right leg at the knee in the Spring of '06 and most of the My Stuff (TM) left is A) heavy and B) in the basement. So in order to keep from annoying my well-healed knee, I have to put on a leg brace for the heavy lifting and toting; otherwise, side stress makes the next day less than fun. Even at that, after four hours, I will take a few fun spills. This isn't really a problem; I know how to fall and I usually catch myself, bounce up and am back on my feet before I even think about it. It does scare onlookers, which is often a benefit.

Four hours of why-did-I-buy-that later, the van will be fullish of heavy, fragile things, most of them electronic, obscure, and of no real value; take to the new place, unload randomly, stack tightly and repeat. Over and over and over.

Tomorrow, more of the same, minus bike trip. But I will be getting the MGB moved; maybe someday it will be able to move under its own power! Perhaps I'll photograph it, poor ol' B.

And thus, light blogging.

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