Sunday, October 14, 2007

...And This Is Your Brain On Toast

...Without hot sauce, darn the luck. Even a little Cajun seasoning...? Hmpf. No.

I'm zonked. Spent all day at The Old Place, boxing up books, dishes and you-would-not-believe (Think 807. Think 6L6. Think 9-gamma-ni-- Ooops, upside down!). Then I loaded the boxes into a van. Now the van is at new place and you know what? I'm gonna sleep. I've got a dozen oddball telegraph keys to box up tomorrow just for a start and I only rented the van for one day 'cos I'm like, you know: clever. (This is why I have not yet invented the calculus: poor sense of time).

Go read The Lawdog Files. He's got new kittens. Come back here later!

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