Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Old Blank Spaces, Part Deux

...And who can resist deux? We've got 'em all along the Central Canal here in Broadripple, in dizzying variet-- What?

It's not pronounced that way? Darn those French! So much for that brilliant pun! And the deux so often go about in pairs, too -- that's what misled me, those sneaque deu ducks.

H'mm, I could talk about politics, except I just don't want to. They will pass nitwitty laws and take your money. It's what they do. It's pretty much all they do. On average, the party on the Left will try to take your guns; the party on the Right will snoop into your sex life. Hint: it is more difficult to hide guns; there's zillions of generations of human experience in sneaking around about Ess-Eee-Eks encoded in your genes and culture. Me, I vote Klingon (thank you, Mr. duToit!) more often than not but it's not to everyone's taste. Just as long as you get out there and vote, I'm happy -- you're probably not stupid and we have way too many stupid people voting. I'd tell you who to vote for but I figure you're a grown-up and can dazzle your own mind with the choices.

At the dear old Skunk Works Engineering Deportment* today, the phrase "Indiana University Engineer" came up. This afflicted me like sand in cornbread. The Hoosier state, in addition to being within sight of a nearly 30% adult literacy rate and bathtubs in over 25% of all homes** has several fine engineering schools which produce all sorts of train drivers: Purdue, Rose-Hulman and many lesser lights. IU, not so much an engineering school. Pre-law, pre-med, music, party, they say it's a great school for those majors. But in my unbiased opinion, "IU Engineer" is an oxymoron. It developed the topic was a TV engineer working at IU. I'm bettin' a Purdue grad, the R-H types are too clever.

Whew! More blank space filled! An' ever-so usefully, too.

I have released the handbrake on Comments. I'm livin' large!
* We have excellent deportment, just like wolverines. Ask anyone.
** I may have not read those figures correctly. It's a new skill for me....

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