Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Reading Your Blog Makes Me Want To Drink Heavily"

In a world of illiterates, the woman with half an Unabridged rules! Boo-yeah.

(Thanks to Hal West -- not his real name but he'll know himself -- at the Skunk Works for the title, which was his first comment to me after finding the Adventures. AFAIK, he's a teetotaler, too!)


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me want to blow big holes in the ground; Your blog makes me want to balance a pair of SU carbs with a garden hose; Your blog makes me want to load a TCR-100 and put a 10-second spot in the middle of the break!

Welshman said...

Hey! I see your blog, like mine, got a rating of a college reading level. Congrats to a fellow blogger who appeals to the most intelligent people in the blogosphere!


Roberta X said...

And here I was thinking they were telling me my blog was difficult to read!

A good reminder, D. Martyn, and I thank you for it. Always look on the bright side; it costs the same and it's more fun.