Monday, November 12, 2007

Five Airplanes Aircraft

All the other kids are doing it! I kind of have my own take on the topic....

5. Any of the Goodyear blimps (Spirit of Goodyear shown). They're regular vistors to the city, wallow like a walrus on land in a strong wind, and are still majorly kewl. Slow but it takes a real pi-lut t' fly these softies.

4. von Braun's 1950s "space shuttle." Attention, NASA: This is how it was supposed to look and work.

3. SpaceShip One. Beautiful, simply beautiful. (Ooooo, space ships. Space pilots. :swoon:). (NASA: see?)

2. LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin. I don't know where I'd keep it but I gotta get me one of these!

1. Beechcraft Staggerwing. I'd marry one of these. Even an airship privateer has to have something sporty for recon, right? (If you're flyin' a Staggerwing, call me. We'll talk).

As planned, I have replaced the pictures with links.


Anonymous said...

Let me recommend to you "An Elegy: For the USN Dirigible, Macon" by Yvor Winters, a truly classical 20th cent.poem, a pure expression of cultural conservatism, and oh yeah a must-read for blimp lovers.

And if you know it by heart, I apologize.

Roberta X said...

Not only do I not know it by heart, I can't find it! Glowing reviews of Ivor Winters, check; discussions of modern poety that is actually, you know, poetic, check; a quoted line or two, strewn across the w3b as casually as glitter on the stage at a strip bar, check. (There's my ol' 6" heels, damme). Act'chul pome? Cruchcrunchcrunch b'bing:// FILE NOT FOUND.

If this is some nefarious plan to entice me, it's working.