Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dialtone Brain/My Christmas List

...Tam, like, adds me to her Wonderful List of Links, and suddenly traffic doubles triples (whooo, I should'a dusted! No, hon, don't eat that, I think it's an old cat-toy....). And there's something akin to dialtone in my head if I think about it too much.

'Cos see, geekgrrls didn't used to be kewl. Now we are! Yayyyy!

Debating posting my semi-facetous holiday giftage list, both for me an' others. For sure at the top of mine is an affordable motorcycle of medium size, something in the conventional to cruiser range of styles, as I'm a traditional gal. But so far one has not fallen out of the trees, drippin' with chromium plating. This may indicate an atomic-powered airship is right out of the question at any price. And havin' the Republicans run an actual Republican for the '08 Leader Of The Free World Contest...? Santa? Santa, please don't cry!

May have to get back to y'all on this.


Welshman said...

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, Roberta. And as for your Christmas wish list, I don't know much about the motorcycle thingy, but I hope ALL of us will do our damndest to elect a real Republican to the White House in 08!


breda said...

don a tiny chainmail whatnot, and you'll get LOTS of comments, promise!

Roberta X said...

But it looks ever so much better on you!

...You know, I may be way off-base here, but would it not be a better and finer world with even one or two librarians in chainmail bikinis, with a pink revolver holstered at one hip an' a labrys* at the other?

Soothly, the geeks might gawp but they'd be better behaved.

...I'll get back t'yall on that "bikini pitch'r" thing. Beseems me someone, somewhere has done something really, really similar.... Gosh, I just can't think who. It was like the totally definitive version, too, of which imitating there would be no point. H'mmmmm. Gee, I wonder if Tam knows? ::blink:: ::blink::

* Sometimes a double-bitted axe is just a double-bitted axe. And those are of a convienient size and heft.

breda said...

gosh...what could you *possibly* be insinuating? I have *no* idea whatsoever. Maybe we should ask Tam to enlighten us.

No librarian bikini needed. I give the pesky ones a flat stare plus a quirk of the eyebrow of doom - slays them every time.