Monday, November 05, 2007

Any Artists?

Having a mind that moves in tangents can be fun, if you can hang on. About fell off this morning and when the smoke had cleared, there it was:

A Stunning Concept in Webcomix!

Atomic Lawyers!
The year is 2099 and an elite, tripartisan group of high-minded attorneys has got the Bomb -- rather a lot of Bombs, in fact. Armed with this irrefutable means of persuasion, they have set out to Do Good To Their Fellow Man.

Of course the entire thing is a one-trick pony, since every last case and situation they take on ends up with 'em nuking all involved. Still, it could be good clean fun getting there. Move over, Judge Bean, for social justice that glows in the dark!

Umm, I'm not being too sarcastic or anything, right?

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