Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mood Escalator

The one marked "up!"

Today, the Skunk Working was a glaze of unavailing effort, simply trying to get back to the level of functionality we had prior to the latest round of "improvements." As ever, much as I might like to detail every little bit of the joy and de-light, that would be tellin'.

Plus, this morning my cats were having some elderly-cat issues of a frustrating sort. I was late to work from dealing with said issues, not a clever plan in light of the above. And I worked over the preceding evening with a transmitter problem.

Yeah. Oh Woe Is Me: I slept warm and had an adequate breakfast and lunch. Still, I was in a rotten little mood most of the day.

Got home, looked at the scooter, realized I need to pick up groceries anyway; did my chores, then geared up* and just about froze my wrists -- I need better cold-weather gloves! -- getting up to the Organo-Mart where I picked up Purina Girl Chow, a/k/a salad-in-a-bag plus some goodies to add to it. By the time I got back home, I was smiling.

It's tiny, not very fast and a bit of a challenge to operate, an old-fashioned 150 cc Vespa clone with a slightly clunky manual transmission but it's a joy machine nevertheless. Adding a windscreen so I could ride in colder weather was the best mod I've ever made to a vehicle!
* My cold-weather jacket looks like a prop from a bad Sci-Fi movie, "The Last Star Fidgiter" or maybe "Galaxy Kogyaru." I love it! Add the fringed leather chaps, black gloves with faux lepoard-fur trim and jump boots and all I need is a space ship. one?


breda said...

hm....I seem to have missed the Valkyrie requirement for "girl gunblogger" but it looks good on you!

Tam said...

Look on the bright side of things: You were chipper enough to go fetch food fixins.

I've got such a bad case of "Meh." today that I stood in front of an open refrigerator containing onion bagels, cream cheese, a packet of smoked salmon, and a jar of capers...

...and decided I just didn't have the energy to deal with the capers and salmon.

Welshman said...

An absolutely beautiful picture...

BobG said...

A fetching Browncoat.

Roberta X said...

Breda: I'm pretty sure any woman whose looks are described by an expert, biased witness as attractively evoking a bird of prey has achieved Valkyriehood! Or is it the riding part? Genuine Valkyries ride either winged horses (art) or wolves (mythology); my motorscooter is more like an ocelet kitten.

Tam: You passed up smoked salmon and capers due to eunni? Who are you and what have you done with Tamara K???
'Soothly, days I don't ponder A) cycling and B) fresh food and feel a bit better on the spot are dark indeed -- and very uncommon.

D. Martyn, you'll turn my head! :)

Bob G, you've found me out! The jacket's sold in blue, black and brown. The minute I saw it, I knew brown was the shade for me. I've yet to add the Independant patch -- green triangle carrying two gold bars and two black stars -- but I know where to order one and plan to do so.