Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pink Guns

They bother me.

Despite my geekery and arts'n'craftiness -- yes, I do own a table saw and a brace of routers -- I'm plenty girly, floral bedspread strewn with sleeping housecats and plush-toy animals* and so-almost-stereotypically on. But I've always been bothered by pink guns.

Maybe it was the Barbie-bubblegum-pink polymer full-sized EAA Witness that showed up at a local gunshow, looking like a steer in a tutu; it was pretty jarring to encounter without warning! Too, it's always seemed to me that a self-defense tool should be obviously what it is, if it is to have any deterrent effect. I'm all for shootin' the bad guys (don't bother to draw unless you are intending to do so) but life's simpler if they up and run.

Tam has her own take on the topic. Incisive as ever and obvious only after she's pointed it out.

Oleg Volk sums it up, neatly.
* Per the Data Viking: "At Customs, calling them 'stuffed animals' leads to an interesting conversation." I keep havin' a mental image of J. Random Guy being pulled out of the line after so doing; his bags are opened and a big violet teddy bear falls out. "And just where," asks the aggrieved servant-of-the-people, "did you shoot that?" Betting there are no extra points awarded if you answer by pointing at the creature's plush-toy's center of mass.


breda said...

I find most pink guns to be a bit ugly - probably because it was likely designed by a man who said, "let's make the polymer as pink as possible, yeah! Girls will LOVE that!" Not subtle at all, really. Not falling into Rule of Being Pretty #1 - less is more. (applies to pink lipstick and, now, pink guns.)

Roberta X said...


Tam said...

Oh no! You don't want to shoot Teddy Ruxpin in the center of mass! His ticker's slightly forward of that point! (Plus, if you get a quartering shot, you'll break the offside shoulder...)

Roberta X said...

"Today, on 'Murrican Sportspeoples, we join Tam K for a Ruxpin hunt in the wilds of W*l-M*rt...."

Only you would know the precise right shot for a clean kill on a plush toy, Tam!

Whattaya think, a honey-chipotle glaze, or just slow-roasted in its own fat with a bit of salt and pepper? (I really need to get breakfast already).