Monday, November 19, 2007

Naming Sidearms

Marko's got a nice article posted on the naming of weapons. (And links to yet another, carefully-reasoned article). I see his point. I even agree, mostly; but I can also see the romantic who, intoxicated by Arthurian tales of chivalry and derrring-do, just can't not name his personal means of defending of All That Is Good. We need practical men (in droves!) but we need some starry-eyed dreamers, too.

Me, I'm pragmatic but there's something awry with my humor. I don't name guns. Nope, nohow, never.

Well, hardly ever. I did name one.

It's a Ballester-Molina. The Argentine who owned it appears to have used it to pound tent stakes in rocky soil. In the rain. Nicely balanced and the local gunsmith did his best but it's still a little bit of a jammomatic except with the one magazine it trusts. It's been ill-used.

It's named "Tatiana."


Tam said...

"It's a Ballester-Molina."

I _have_ told you the nickname for those, right?


I'm scarred for life from working in gun shops...

Roberta X said...

Yes, but mine, you see, is a Molested Ballerina! It's sad. It's wrong.

But as soon as I learned the nicknamed you've shared, I had to give the poor little gun a ballerina's name.

Carteach said...


I never thought I'd name a firearm. Maybe a good blade if I had one, but not a boomer.

I LIKE my tools.... but love one enough to name it?

Then I started calling this one 1938 Turkish Mauser "The Grand Old Turk" because it's such a joy to shoot.