Saturday, November 10, 2007

Because They Care

Naturally, the Great Nose Adventure was the topic at the Skunk Works and much joshing ensued. --In the course of the work-like endeavors I undertake, I do all manner of dangerous-appearing things, low tower work, high voltages, difficult spaces, power tools and get nary a scratch, then managed to injure myself working alone, with only pencil and paper, in a safe and comfy operational area. Okay; I had major kidding coming.

I did not, however, expect to return from lunch to find this.

The boys carefully explained that they were "watching out for me," how nice!

And then they explained, with even greater care, how the English phrase "to watch out for [someone]" was, in fact, highly ambiguous and if I was going to attempt a matched set, they wanted to ensure they were nowhere near the scene. That they would be watching out for it.

Y'know, if I wasn't so proud of 'em, I'd slap 'em all silly. Or sillier, at least :)


Tam said...


That's precious!

(And by "precious", I mean gleefully malicious and right up my alley. :D )

Roberta X said...

Them's my boys! --They're as cute as baby rats, aren't they? :)