Saturday, November 14, 2009


There are three (3) good -- first-rate! -- breakfast places within (more-or-less) easy walk; I have a yard half-full of leaves and a car with tires so bad the rear set isn't holding air; the sun is shining and I'm in here on the IntarWebz?

Not for much longer! More later. Maybe with photographs.


Old Grouch said...

Any meetup stuff Sunday?

Roberta X said...

Yeah, sure. I mentioned it in passing a few posts back but I was in a pretty sour mood.

Broad Ripple Brew Pub or Brugge?

Tam said...

I'll be doing Iggle Crick in the morning w/Shootin' Buddy.

I'm game for lunch someplace in Greater Broad Ripple.

Old Grouch said...

Okay, spent Sunday AM/early PM doing yard work. Will head in the direction of BPub around 2:50 and see if anybody shows up.