Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Obvious?

A lot of the emotional statements in support of nationalsocializing health care include the phrase "A country (meaning the government) as wealthy as this one can..." or words to that effect.

There's a problem there, a clear indication that the speaker Doesn't Get It on a fundamental level: This country's government isn't wealthy at all; in fact, it is deep in debt. The fellow who says otherwise is assuming that your money, your employer's money, every citizen's income, ultimately belongs to The State and that The State has every right to decide how it is to be spent.

Don't fall for it. It's your money.

(PS: Have you seen the ads for RethinkReform yet? Not an unhopeful sign).


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

kudos on the clarification that should be more prominent in the polity's and citizen's minds

rickn8or said...

Minor correction: "It's your grandkids' money".

perlhaqr said...

rickn8or: I don't have children, let alone grandchildren. They send me a bill every year, and make me pay to calculate it for them. It's my bloody money.

Anonymous said...

Well put.


Alan J. said...

Great summary of what's wrong with the thinking of so many of our politicians and other people in this country, Roberta. This article should be required reading in every classroom in America, with accompanying explanations of why you're right. I always get spun up when idjits talk about how "the government can afford it" when they don't think about the fact that WE are the government. This money is coming out of our pockets, not some magical bottomless wishing well and fountain of good ideas. Unless, of course, the idjit in question is one of those who somehow don't pay taxes, such as welfare cases and a few congressmen and senators we could all name.

phlegmfatale said...

It is absolutely terrifying to consider the prospect of our federal gubmint doing for our healthcare industry what it has done for (and to) the automotive and housing industries here. Heaven preserve us.

Anonymous said...

Belatedly, I'd refer to you to Peter's post on the subject of being in debt. Its worth the time to watch, I think.


Anonymous said...

(Woe to the conquered)

Stranger said...

Pelosi, Reid, and Co. do not care that America is in debt. The object of ObamaCare, Cap'n Tax, and the other "legislative imperatives" is to create a permanent welfare dependent underclass that must vote Democratic.

That's why even people who do not want or need health insurance will either pay $1,250 a month or go to jail. And why median income wage earners will pay up to a 140% incremental tax rate.

And why Obama's "1,781.00 a year" cap and tax will cost each family almost $9,000 a year. Etc., etc. Ad infinitum, until no one but Democratic pols will have two dimes to rub together. And no one can survive without their welfare check.


Joanna said...

Harold Crick, IRS agent: "Miss Pascal, you stole from the government."

Ana Pascal, baker and deliberate tax avoider: "I didn't steal from you. I just didn't pay you entirely."

-- Stranger Than Fiction

rickn8or said...

Point taken, and it's definitely your (our) money, but I think you're (we're) paying for circa-1965 government spending. My two kids only had a year and a half in the local school district fifteen years ago, but I'm still paying property tax nevertheless.

My grandkids will be paying for my (our) expenditures. I'm thinking they will be making payments to the Chinese.

In the future, I only expect to see said grands once a year, when they show up to kick my a$$ for allowing this to happen.

And what phlegmfatale said about the QUALITY of the healthcare. "The efficiency of the DMV with the care and compassion of the IRS."