Monday, November 30, 2009

Prejudiced People With Newspapers

The Bloomington Herald-Times is not only publishing a negative story about Hoosiers with gun permits, they've decided to provide a target list for burglars searchable database. Caleb has details.

Supposedly, the list will not include names, full addresses or telephone numbers. At least for now; it'll only hit on city/county/street name. What's next? A list of gay or Jewish neighborhoods? Perhaps they could list the locations of communists, smokers, Catholics and atheists! Or, wait, I know, I know, what could be more scary than veterans and Libertarians? Better warn the citizenry (who apparently consist only of those who think thoughts of which the newspaper approves) where such dire and dreadful types hang out.

Feckwits. These are the folks who arrange the logs, then pretend innocent surprise when others light the fire.

You've got to pay these weasels to read the articles and I wouldn't flip 'em a red-hot dime on a muggy summer afternoon, myself; here's a link to the perfervid headlines -- note how these breathless ijits put us on the "Crimes, Fires and Emergencies" page. Classy!

Sure would be a darned pity if we lobbied the state legislature make the carry-permit database off-limits.



Rob K said...

We need to get rid of the permit requirement. No permits, no list of who has one.

perlhaqr said...

What Rob K said. Word.

Anonymous said...

Just great, women escaping physically abusive SO's, that had to move to another address, and may have protective orders against said SO's, and had to get carry permits, now have their new address published in a newspaper.

Is the news paper gonna pay for funeral expenses?

It's how Florida got their carry permit info removed from public record.

MrWolf. said...

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Don't you understand that the public have the right to know these things? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

Now, to make up for your doubleplus ungood crimethink, I suggest you undertake some task for the public good. One never knows when one might need to contact members of the Fourth Estate. How about collating a list of their addresses, and publishing them. Just county, town, and street of course. Who could possibly object to that?

Drang said...

I am far from the first to suggest (as you have here) that if you substitute another word for "gun-owner" or "permit-holder" the results can be really creepy...
"Black/African-American" (or slur of your choice.)
"Jew/Mormon/Jehovah's Witness/Muslim."
"Unmarried mother."
"Tea Partier/SEIU Thug/ACORN drone."
Et cetera.
I think Joe Huffman started it, but I'm not sure.

MrWolf. said...

Here's a thought:

If burglary goes down in high-permit streets, and up in low-permit streets,
can low-permit inhabitants sue the newspaper?

Ken said...

Rock 'em.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Just goes to show, you ought to have to have a permit to commit journalism.

(I kid, I kid. But in that "it's getting really, really hard to maintain this toothy grin and mean it" way.)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

And BTW, what MrWolf said.

karrde said...

Did you mention a list of neighborhoods in which the female residents have had abortions?

What about the addresses of people known to regularly purchase pictures of women au naturale? (whether in magazine form, or downloaded from subscription websites...)

I mean, the public has a right to know.

rickn8or said...

J. Griffin--

That is EXACTLY my biggest objection to this "pee-pul got a rite to know" excuse. That and vindictive ex-spouses stirring the pudding on their licensed former partners.
Annnd of course, there's the "burglar's shopping list" thing.