Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now I Know

My Thanksgiving-Day schedule: de nada. Nil. Family picked a different day.

H'mmm. I wonder how small a Turducken* one can obtain on short notice? Come The Day, I'm gonna be a-cookin'!
* You say that dish isn't over the top? Lookit the bottom of the linked article where it says, "See also: whole stuffed camel." (I'm told that generally, they throw the stuffed camel out and eat the.... Ewwwwww).


Ed Rasimus said...

Since you asked here's one of many sites offering the Cajun delicacy:,52.html

But, really that isn't something to eat, it's purely something to talk about...a bland chicken inside a greasy duck inside a possibly could have been wonderful Turkey!

Go with the classics, not the sensational.

sam said...

Make sure you take pictures of your mini-feast, m'dear, so we can vicariously enjoy it with you.

Venison, various fowl, and fish (especially cod) were supposed to be the meats of the first thanksgiving, along with corn, squash (including roast pumpkin) and various native beans.

What would I do without Food Network?

Stranger said...

Turducken is an ingenious way to ruin the main course of three feasts. But, as my Cajun fran' Robert, you say dat Row-bair, Geautreaux, you say dat Go-trow, insist - it's absolutely wonnnerful when you are full of corn squeezings.

Preferably eight to ten ounces of the pure quill, straight from the worm, uncut with dihydrogen oxide or other pollutants. And washed down with suds. It makes no matter if the suds are brewed - or left over from the dishes.

Sober - not so much. An acquired taste, a few notches lower than red beer.


Gewehr98 said...

Deep-frying a turkey here, again. Just cannot bring myself to eat turkey done any other way. Will eventually load cardiologist's pager number into my cellphone's speed dial so I can mash it before the lights go dim on me after partaking, but I'll have a smile on my face!

Ken said...

You can wrap 'em all in bacon.

Roberta X said...


Ken said...

Yeah, them too, I reckon. Heh.