Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not That I'm Like, Slow

...But I just saw Watchmen for the first time last night. Astonishingly well-done; would that any other kind of SF were as well-treated. Sure, this is a comic book graphic novel, so it's a little easier for Hollywood illiterates to puzzle out; I was still impressed. The characters are considerably more three-dimensional than most in the genre and (like Tam) I was singularly impressed by Rorschach, created in homage to the characters of Objectivist comic book artist Steve Ditko.

Next on the slow list? I just started Monster Hunter International. Not very far in but already, well, I sure hope Correia keeps on writing -- and it appears he is.


LabRat said...

The graphic novel is, on its own, a serious argument that graphic novels can be literature, and that the art can be just as important as the story. Next to it the movie can be considered a little glib and shallow.

The comic and the movie are both great, but have their own virtues.

aczarnowski said...

I was honestly impressed with how the Watchman movie stayed true to the ending without using Moore's original, baroque, storyline.

red said...

With the exception of Rorschach, I didn't really like the movie. Maybe my expectations were too high?