Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Done Inside The Camera

So I'm drivin' home tonight and I think the scene is interesting, in an Edward Hopper kind of way. Having my camera handy, I grab it at the next stoplight and (bein' a good citizen an' all, plus not wanting to have my lights punched out) shut off the flash, then proceed to snap whenever it seems like a good idea.

Results are...not entirely expected....I'm likin' it. This is one of about five that mostly worked.


jed said...

You never know what you'll get, until you try it. I used to do odd things with my camera, back in the old days of film. One fun thing is to mount the camera on a tripod, and do a short time exposure while zooming your lens. This of course works better at night. I got some images that were pretty uninteresting, but a few were kind of cool.

BobG said...

I like it.