Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Did Not Know That

The grease zerk is named for....Oscar U. Zerk! So it's a good thing he invented them. Held at least 299 other patents and lived well as a result of his inventiveness.

And that's something I'm thankful for. To live in a time when good ideas are rewarded and widely used, that's a wonder we take for granted. It wasn't always that way.


Joseph said...

Always wondered where the name for "Zerk" fittings came from!! Thanks, Roberta!

Drang said...

And the "zeus fastener" is actually the "dzus fastener", which was invented by... Wait for it...! William Dzus.

WV: leramo. And Curly, I presume?

Anonymous said...

Huh. I always thought it was a strange name, now I know.