Saturday, November 21, 2009

And The Answer Is:

A) 2.68#
B) $18.73
C) "An ingenious way to ruin the main course of three feasts."
D) A and B
E) All of the above

...If the question is "Turducken," I'll be finding out which (besides A and B) is correct. Hey, I'll have Regular Turkey on Family Thanksgiving. Tam will be along for all this, so you'll get two (2) opinions for the price of one. Also I'll be making skin-on mashed taters, veggies, etc., so starvation is unlikely.

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Joseph said...

It looks like we will be having "Turducken" again this year. I didn't like it last year, I won't like it this time. But no one asks me! At least I won't be paying for it this time.

WV: Croutai: plural for crouton.