Tuesday, December 01, 2009

News Salad

- Tiger Woods: The Accident: Day Whatever. Holy howling hell, give it up. If this had been a middle-class couple in Sandusky, OH, it would have not even made the papers.

- Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud Revealed: Keep at 'em! The other side is not giving up and their agenda is clear. At this point, AGW is repeating the "cold fusion" mania, from the rush to replicate shaky results through the point at which the wheels start to fall off while True Believers yet cheer. Never forget, bad science is bad enough but bad policy based on bad science is far, far worse. "Wrong" isn't so terrible a thing in the Mechanik Arts when all that comes of it is you learn a lot of ways not to make a light bulb; "wrong" stinks on ice when you use it to make everybody use crummy light bulbs.

- They Snuck Into The White House: Big effing deal. They also went through a metal detector; once in they refrained from pulling glass knives and turnin' the joint into an abattoir. And they found a nasty hole in the security setup. Personally, I think The Gummint should give them both medals and then have 'em shot at dawn, but I'm sentimental like that.

- Obama Ramps Up The War In Afganistan: Yeah, like that's a surprise to anyone not on the far Left of his own party? The older I get, the more I'm liking Green Glass Diplomacy: bomb 'em flat or stay home, pick one. They tell me it's not practical. (And so what if the last guy to conquer the place was Alexander the Great, while later and with better weapons the British Empire and the USSR foundered in the attempt -- did they have the Audacity Of Hope? I think not! "Most hopeful quagmire evar!" Feh).


Bob said...

+1 on Green Glass Diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

"They Snuck Into The White House: Big effing deal."

I think the problem with the Media's non-reporting of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ruby sneaking into the White House is that how the Media would report this if Bush were still the President.

They snuck in and made the Obama Administration look very foolish all the while .gov is babbling on about "security" and "terrorism."

Shootin' Buddy

Stranger said...

The Woods. Check.

AGW. Remember that most on the AGW side are now fighting for their lives. If the truth comes out, they lose their cushy jobs, their reputation, and even the dole. They might as well prepare start a second career as janitors. And their media stooges could well go down with that ship.

Those at the periphery can post some "I knew it all along studies" and escape the worst. But Mann, Jones and the rest are toast. But it's going to be noisy for a while.

They sneaked into the White House? Did they really? - or are all those stories of a long term relationship between them and the Obamas true? There's more there than the media cares to admit. So silence is golden.

Afghanistan? O has to keep his "progressives" happy at all costs. That means no war. But he also has to keep the pitchfork parade at bay. That means war. So he must appear decisive - as decisive as yesterdays corn flakes.


Larry said...

I'm sneakily suspicious that being able to breeze into the Whitehouse has something to do with haughty new residents giving instructions that their guests are not to be eff'd with. We don't need any bourgoise remnants of distrust for our fellow travelers in red these days. So hands off, security dweebs! Can't have The Man hassling guests.

sam said...

RE: White House sneakers.

I know a Service guy (he's shot some of my guns) who has worked the detail in the past. He (as usual) won't tell me crap, except: "don't believe anything you read."

With a slight emphasis on "anything."

Roberta X said...

Very true. Still, I am greatly inclined to chalk the party-crashing incident up to arrogance towards staff from inside plus a good line of BS from the crashers rather than anything more malign.

Anonymous said...

The reaction shows how We THE PEOPLE are feared by our rulers

Blackwing1 said...

I understand that Alexander went through Afghanistan all the way to some place named, "Khafiristan", and built a replica of the Parthenon on top of the local Acropolis there.

But that also assumes that Sean Connery was a descendent of Alexander, too.

Rick R. said...

I will GAY-RUN-TEE that the way the party crashers had someone on the political side of the White House staff add them to the list once they were inside. (read: "Placate big donors and avoid scene.")

Otherwise, how would the announcer have known to announce them?