Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Work On A Starship Update

...I went back through and fixed the chapter-to-chapter links for Another Day, which turns out to be a 25,372-word novella and makes about a 100-page paperback; and yes, I'm looking at right now, just for fun. Re-edited some and introduced actual chapters, ten of them.

My intent was to write it as something of a pulp-magazine novel and I think I succeeded.

Still trying to get Foxit's PDF Creator to crank out a .PDF image not pasted into an 11" x 8.5" mat from my properly-sized .doc file. Grrrr.

PS: Editing for continuity is like work. Almost.


Rob K said...

It is a good story, a very good story. My compliments.

sam said...

Have fun with it, beautiful.

I've enjoyed the ride so far, and am looking forward to more!

Turk Turon said...

It's excellent!

wv: exersest

A priest who drives the Devil out of exercise celebs (Richard Simmons, Gabby Reece, etc.)

Will Brown said...

I also like your story.

May I suggest you consider contacting James Hudnall, a comic and graphic novelist author, about publising your story in that market? Hud has mentioned his own experience collaborating on such books and, since he started writing for Brietbart's Big proto-empire, there is apparently some prospect for a publication option there you might look into also. I'm certain Hud would arrange an intro at the very least, once he's read your work.

Finally, please consider creating a "world guide" or "bible"; it would be fun to try a short story in your universe if I had the constraints and general organisation to refer to. I suspect I'm not the only one, either.

Roberta X said...

Thank you for the tip! I'll look into it. Would be interesting to see Lupine through another's eyes.

There is a proto-guide for the Hidden Frontier but I'm still working it out. Hank Morgan's Gravity Well is set in his own take of the "Edger" side of things; I'm not saying it's canon but Hank, whoever he is, is a very skilled guesser.

--H'mm. Will, did I name a character after you? :)

Drang said...


Oooh, bible/guide? Rlly? I didn't want to ask, but...

Stingray said...

I don't know that the glossary/guide thing would really be that necessary. Part of the fun for me is when I run across a bit of jargon, either doing some digging about it, or extrapolating a best guess and carrying on regardless (seeing as it won't be me what has to fix the $jargontarget should it break again). It'd be a cool supplement, but I don't think it'd hurt to leave it out.

Either way, congratulations on spinning an excellent yarn. :)

Will Brown said...

--H'mm. Will, did I name a character after you? :)

Not to my knowledge, but please make sure he sends books to lovely women if you do. :)

Will Brown said...

@ Stingray:

I was asking Bobby to create a template for other writers to use to create stand-alone works of their own situated in the universe she created.

I concur with your position as a reader though; some of the best/most entertaining fan discussions center around differing possible interpretations arising from a story scenario.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'll buy it. I'll even give it as gifts.

As my word verification says, "perseste"!

Home on the Range said...

It amazes me you make that look so easy. That is going to be a very popular story.

Roberta X said...

Bigid: shhh! You'll spoil the fun!

Looking back, every posted chapter took from one to four weeks of lunch breaks; if the average is 1500 words in 2 weeks, that's around 200 words an hour. Not counting editing time.

RC said...

If you'd like to email me the doc, I'd be happy to run it through my version of Adobe. See how it turns out.

dick said...

Use caution with whom you publish.
I've been down this road before and about to travel it once more.

Email me if you'd like some free thoughts on the subject.