Sunday, December 20, 2009


I really should have something trenchant and topical -- we have a nice debate going on reactions to newspapers publicizing permit-holder data at Tam's and Joanna's, for instance, with thought-provoking points all 'round (and my noisy whining) -- but my pseudo-Captain Tripps is really givin' me fits this morning, between painful sneezing, sinuses filling and refilling with watery ick, temperature up and down (though not as much as last night or two nights ago) and so on.

Still hoping to make the BlogMeet, though I may have to wear a mask!

(BTW, it appears that libertarian writer, rabble-rouser and raconteur Radley Balko will be in town next weekend and might be holdin' a meet-up of his own. Hey, Claire Wolfe had 'im in her blogroll).

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