Saturday, December 26, 2009

LED Tree

6 meters tall, 600 Watts and point-addressable: every light is an RGB LED.

...Remember when the psychedeli (gimme a pint of Zen and a couple slices of patchouli) generation adopted g'grandma's beaded curtains, then took 'em Day-glo? Well, me neither, but I saw it on TV so it must've happened. Next go-round, the beaded curtains will be the TV -- or what ever far-out, mind-blowing pattern y'want, maaaan.


Mark Alger said...

Already done. U2 had it on their last tour. ::grin::


Anonymous said...

A display on a curtain of beads shouldn't be too difficult.

Have a look at, they have all kinds of stuff like this up there.

(It would surprise me not a bit if you had it bookmarked already)


perlhaqr said...

*pffff* If they aren't playing tetris on it, I'm not impressed. ;)