Sunday, December 27, 2009

Umm, What?

Some of my pals on the Lupine are...lexically unique. I actually know what this is trying to say and it is still a snickerworthy kind of Fail. Also? I will not watch that movie. Oh, so very, very not.

PS: Yet another reason why HAL got so weird about the Pod Bay Doors, revealed


Turk Turon said...

That's why HAL kept saying, "Stop, Dave!"

Joseph said...

So THAT is why the ship was shaped that all makes sense now.

sam said...

I love how your mind veers, m'dear.

Turk, I believe HAL (increment each letter as legend has it) asked "What are you doing, Dave?" repeatedly.

And, provided this new insight, one would think increasingly alarmedly.

(How's that for twisted syntax?)

WV: coush


BobG said...

Looks like something they would have on the Lexx.