Friday, December 11, 2009


...I really should post something but the icy cold has sapped my brain (anyway, that's my excuse and now you can't use it).

Latest chapter of I Work On A Starship is posted and I think that catches the timeline right up to where Our Heroine, recovered from her Big Adventure (not to mention a couple of minor glitches) is waiting on the bus down to Port of Frothup. Whatever could be next? Stay tuned and find out!


Home on the Range said...

I'm watching carpet dry. Literally. Almost as fun as watching paint dry. Yay! Something entertaining to read!

Old Grouch said...

I'm watching carpet dry.

Hope the wet carpet was the result of a planned event!

Turk Turon said...

"Ego vadum perussi vestri prandium."

"I'm sorry I burned your lunch?"

wv: mamaness

Elliot Ness's mom

Roberta X said...


"I shall consume your lunch."