Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy, Happy Morning

Woke up with a killer one-sided headache/earache. I have these all the time; I have had since 1996 and the cause is...dunno. Possibly triggered by some dental/sinus issues long since resolved but after spending years and tens of thousands of dollars on highly qualified specialists, high-zoot imaging, multiple surgeries and the Very Best drugs, I'm over hunting it; it just is. It's a part of my universe as dependable as sunrise.

But dang, some mornings are unbearably bright. I've taken three ibuprofen (an hour ago) and the sound of typing is still like being jabbed with a knitting needle. Several fine bouts of vertigo, too, which I try to experience as bonus freefall time without the bother and expense of chartering a big airplane.

And to add to the joy? Why, I've got to go get my teeth cleaned this very morning.

Won't. that. be. fun.


red said...

I'm not a doctor nor do I play one no TV but have checked to make sure your jaw is aligned properly? I has some crazy stabbing pain on one side of my head for a few days. Went through drugs, scans and misc but nothing helped. Went to ye olde tooth doctor, fixed me right up. While wrestling with Ruby, I displaced my jaw. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered yoga?

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

Red: Srsly, nothing to be found. I spent the better part of a decade on it.

Roberta X said...

SB: When milk gets like that, normal people throw it out. No matter what Dannon claims.

Anonymous said...

A few drops of warm olive oil in the hurting ear always cured an earache for me.Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Stress can cause the jaw muscles to tighten or teeth to grind during sleep.

Yoga destroys stress and eliminates health issues.

*gong sounds*

Shootin' "one with the Universe" Buddy

Anonymous said...

Check Dr Mercola's web site..may help. You never know. Good luck and God Bless

Secesh said...

Have you checked for migraines? Your symptoms sound like it could be that.

Timmeehh said...

Have you tried steaming your sinuses?

Anonymous said...

when people have these symptoms, and catch themselves, unknowingly, playing with their ear, get a cat scan for an acoustic neuroma.

heads up folks

Chuck Pergiel said...

You have my sympathy. Empathy? Something.

Roberta X said...

No. Really, guys, i spent years and biggo bux with a wide array of specialists. I am a tooth-grinder and (trying to fix) that's probably what started this mess, but there is no fix.

In 1996, I ripped a couple of molars loose 'cos I was sleeping in a bite guard and still committing bruxism while asleep. This led to biting down on a too-well-done burger and having a tooth root punch through almost into my sinus cavity (didn't break the skin on that side). I did not know it at the time, all I knew was I had a stab of terrible pain.

So at that point, a couple of my important chewing teeth were loose and hurting and I was having migraines. Tried root canal but lost the teeth; at one point, had just agonizing pain if either one moved wrong. After teeth were pulled, oral surgeons would not believe there was a hole in my upper jawbone; I could feel the tissue had grown together but it was in a spot that doesn't x-ray well. I had to beg 'em to get in there with a scalpel and take a look just to shut me up; weren't they surprised!

All that time, I was chasing migraines with specialists, they were trying drugs, etc. Didn't know it was related and none of the docs suggested it.

Officially finding the hole in the bone led to various adventures with ENTs, endodontists, etc. (Including the uncertain science of NICO, a condition that may or may not be real. Damifino). Multiple surgeries. Two attempts to get the bone to heal, the second of which was more or less successful.

And I am left with headaches, pretty much all the time, varying in intensity. Also tinnitus. It's there. There's no fixing it. I try to sleep on my back, which helps.

Also, NEVER, EVER have a medical problem at the interface between medicine and dentistry. They do not speak the same language, they don't trust one another and they care mostly about making sure it's the other guy's problem. Found one (1) endodontist and one (1) ENT/plastic surgeon(!) who got along well enough to work together on fixing the bone but it is darned rare.

Under a Sate0-run health care system, I'd've never convinced the first bunch of dental types to even take a look at the problem -- paying cash, it was a near thing; they were of half a mind to throw me out.

Yoga? SB, if I had time to go to the gym or to yoga class, I'd already be doing it. I need to make time for it but it's difficult.

Roberta X said...

Filled with typos. Cope.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Sinusbuster?

Good stuff.

Shootin' Buddy

AoH said...

Tinnitus is a real flat tire. I got it, and there's no escape. Even though I'm deaf in one ear, I still have to use an ear plug in said ear, when shootin' or listening to live music, otherwise, I'm paying the piper for an extra jumbo case of ringing for the next few days.

1911Man said...

I had one-sided headaches for 20 years, but have reduced their frequency by >90% by increasing my H2O intake by about 50%. I know, it sounds unlikely at best, but them's the facts. Seems I was mildly dehydrated nearly all the time and didn't know it. The crazy thing (or not) is that the cure was inspired by a restroom wall sign at Gunsite. Go figure.