Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Day

...And here I am with nothing suitable to wear! A hasty try through what used to be L. S. Ayres (later May Co. and now Macy's, shorn of all history, tradition and elegant-esque lunch room, though the latter limps on at the State Museum; and just how sad is that?) found nothing that appealed.

I miss the old Glendale Mall, which had a shop that specialized in formal and sub-formal wear; it didn't take all day to claw together the rudiments of attire suitable for a holiday event. Macy's, by whatever name and even more so in recent years, is determing to be A Destination, in part by so scrambling the clothing collections that unless you're a serious, semi-pro shopper, the process is a chore and you'll be wanting to take notes.

I'm tempted to hit Goodwill first, but at 5' 10", it's a rare day when they have much nice in my size.

...But if that's my only complaint, I should maybe not complain too much! I'm for the shower; then I'll don my pith helment, assemble the bearers and off into deepest Merchantia....


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I hear you on the Department Store action.

Macy's took my beloved Hecht's. And CVS took my beloved People's Drug. Shoneys took my beloved Hot Shoppes. Little Tavern just died and faded away...

If Burger King buys up Waffle House I am going to be quite put out.

rickn8or said...

Aw, Roberta, you've always got your best clothes with you...
Happy New Year to you, roomie and the Roseholme cats.

Will Brown said...

Tow Gah!

Tow Gah!

Tow Gah!

Mike W. said...

A nudist colony or Birthday Suit Party would save you all this trouble.

Happy New Year!

Skip said...

How ya gonna fit that 5" 1911 in a little clutch purse?

Jim said...

At least one high-quality photo of the begowned Roberta must be on this site before noon tomorrow. Failure in this regard is not an option.

wv : tanth as in "We detest being tanthalized by mere words."

sam said...

Ditto to what Jim said about a photo. The nines you will dress to need to be saved for posterity.

Or a book jacket, which would be the same thing, I guess.

WV: ansere

Think SERE is bad?

Tango Juliet said...

Good luck with the satin safari!

Anonymous said...

Simply dress to the 1911's.

See Ya

Crucis said...

I understand. My daughter is 6'0" tall and is always complaining about how few clothes she finds in her size. She now shops exclusively on-line and does have to do a lot of returns.

Will we have to bribe Tam for photos?

Roberta X said...



I lucked out and got a good one. Sure, it's just a .380, but it could still sting.

I carry a Star 9mm (BKM) other times. I like 1911s but I need upsize jeans to conceal one and since half my waking hours are spent in a no-guns zones, it's not practical.

...Bought a black velvet burnout paisley skirt, some decent shoes and a suitable top. A little accessorization and...we'll see.