Saturday, December 12, 2009


So, it's 0900(ish) and I haven't posted anything....

I will, you know, but first, I've been promising myself French toast and bacon all week and by golly, I'm gonna go cook.


Ed Skinner said...

What, none for us?

Drang said...

And Tam hasn't posted anything in over a day. Make some for her, too. With bacon. And chocolate. Maybe that'll perk her up.

Roberta X said...

Not a bit!

...But it's easy to make. I had some Pepperidge Farm white bread, which I dipped in The Stuff:
1/3 cup milk
2 LARGE eggs
a teaspoon or more of Sugar In The Raw (or whatever)
a couple of goodly pinches of fresh-ground nutmeg
a pinch of cinnamon

Beat like mad until you think it's whupped; pour into shallow bowl and dredge slices of bread in it.

Cook in a little bacon fat until it looks like French toast, flipping as needed. It was enough to make four slices each.

I ate mine with butter & sugar (which is how I eat most such things, though blueberry syrup can tempt me away); Tam had honey and not just any kind -- Granja San Franciso Honey, Rosemary and Lavender. It's gooooood.

Roberta X said...

D.W.: Tam is deep in some ginourmous database project. Says it helps her mood.

Home on the Range said...

That sounds really good. I've got the giant pot of chili going so breakfast was just a bit of fruit. French Toast. That sounds YUMMY.

Drang said...

@ Roberta: Try some ginger in the a French Toast. Really. 'Specialy if you make the toast from challah bread. Great Breakfast.

@ Brigid
Chili. This is the second week in a row that I pulled what I thought was a container of the huge batch of chili I made last month out of the freezer, and it was spaghetti sauce. At least this time it wads homemade Tuscan-style sauce Mrs. Drang made, not leftover store-bought. But if I'd known I was having spaghetti, I'd have had garlic bread ready...