Friday, December 18, 2009

Indy's New Gun-Grabber Public Safety Director

Hold on to your hats.

When I saw the news yesterday that my home town had a new Public Safety Director, late of White Plains, NY, I was mildly interested; there's a big cultural gap between IN and NY. When I read he'd helped train NYC police after 9/11, I thought maybe he was gonna be okay.

I was wrong: "My own personal perspective is we have way too many guns on the street and way too many people that own guns," Straub said, adding there is no clear national policy dealing with guns."The policy has to start at the federal level and then work its way down to the states and to the local level. Until we control the flow of guns between states . . . you have a problem."

It's for sure we have a problem; it's just that he is the problem. (Also, does he have even a glimmer of how Federal firearms laws regulate "the flow of guns between states" already?)

"The guns taken off the street posed a serious threat to our communities," White Plains Public Safety Commissioner Frank Straub said at a news conference announcing the roundup. Straub was in Washington last month to petition Congress to extend a federal assault weapons ban, which was allowed to expire, and repeated his call for a ban...." (THE JOURNAL NEWS, White Plains, NY: October 8, 2004)

Indiana has preemption and our state-level laws are pretty good but Dr. Straub doesn't look to be likely to fit in.

Hey, Dr. Straub? I own what you'd call "assault weapons." Several of them, depending on definition.* You can't have them.

Update: Tam agrees. Only more so.
Caleb points out the man appears to be...confused.
* My father's old Remington 941 bolt-action .22, with its 15-round tubular magazine, counts as a sure-'nuff assault weapon in New Jersey. My AR-15 and SKS are even more PSH-inducing in hoplophobes, to whom I say, Molon lave! Also, Oooga-booga! Twits.


Turk Turon said...

"Molon lave!"

Or you could say, "Moron labe!" ("Come and get it, fool!"

RC said...

As Spock might say....'Fascinating'.

Ian Argent said...

Sorry to disappoint, but if it's 15 rounds, you're safe in the PRNJ. Other states may disagree, however.

Of course, this still means I can't have the standard mag for my pistol...

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Hee Hee. This could be fun. I'll bring beer and whiskey, somebody make some snacks and popcorn.

Stranger said...

Defining failure as a higher crime rate after enactment of a gun control law, I have data on more than 22,309 gun control failures.

Defining success as a lower crime rate after enactment of a gun control law, Straub cannot point to even one successful gun control law. Except a few like Hitler's and Pol Pot's which had a different purpose entirely.

But Straub has feelings. Just like any other highly indoctrinated Tamiasciurus Hudsonicas.

He needs a mall, a pretty uniform, and a door to pull.


Roberta X said...

Ian Argent: 15 rounds of .22LR but it will load and shoot the shorter stuff and is marked for it, too. It's banned in Jersey.

Roberta X said...

(And being a tubular mag, it holds well over 15 rounds of shorter .22, that being the point I intended to make).

Ian Argent said...

Alrighty then :) Keep that vicious assault weapon outside of NJ, for your own sake and for the children!

I have a post brewing where I'm going to put up some pics of various EBRs with short mags and, among other things, a Marlin Model 60 and an M1 carbine; and snark on which ones are banned in NJ.

I'd love to get ahold of some larger mags just so I don't have to spend as much range time reloading.