Saturday, December 12, 2009

Herald-Times Meets NRA

NRA-ILA has a nice article on the Bloomington pornographer's newspaper's searchable sex offender carry-permit holder database. The NRA write-up comes complete with a handy list of BH-T's major advertisers, including contact data.

Might be a good idea to e-mail or write 'em, ask 'em why they spend money at a rag that treats citizens engaging in Constitutionally-protected activities like criminals.

Might be an even better idea to contact your state legislator and ask him or her to take steps to prevent this sort of fishing expedition in future.

(Thanx to Unk, who posted this way earlier)


Shermlock Shomes said...

Already contacted my legislators. Now I'm going to work on the advertisers.

Secesh said...

We had the same situation here in Virginia,with hard work we got the law changed to protect our rights. The NRA and the VCDL took the lead in the fight.

Anonymous said...

Hit them in the wallet, nothing speaks a louder or more universal language than money.