Thursday, December 03, 2009

I Am Deeply Suspicious

...Of this bunch of fear-mongers. They've been running ads on the local TV stations, ads that look like trailers for Soylent Green, warning of horror an' violence if we don't all turn off the fridge, the furnace, the TV (?!!!), give up clean water an' go live in mud huts, eating only what we can grow usin' our own excrement as fertilizer. Otherwise, they warn, after Glow-ball Warmening, we'll all be livin' in a Third-World hellhole!

H'mmm. Not seein' the difference, except maybe in one of the latter I could lay hands on an AK-47 more easily, which might help when the colander-wearing hordes try'n take the last of the bacon.

Tracking back, they're an arm of ASP, an acronym that sounds like baddies right straight out of a James Bond movie -- no, make that Matt Helm.

And at ASP HQ, who do we find on the Board? Why, look, it's Gary Hart (former Democrat Senator from Extramarital Dating), John Kerry (D-Mass, "The Deerstalker"), Richard L. "Security Leak" Armitage (nominally Republican), Nelson Cunningham (of the Clinton Administration Cunningham), Brigadier General Stephen Cheney of the Marine Military Academy (a Marine?! Another Clinton-era Washington guy), Lieutenant General Daniel Christman (former director of the Kimsey Foundation) and so on and mostly-Left so forth.

If I don't sound impressed, it's because I'm not. I haven't found the Joyce Foundation connection yet but I wouldn't be surprised if there is one. ASP is another partisan effort, using fear to sell ever-growing government encroachment upon people's lives and freedom. By linking the spectres of terrorism and "global warming" (Heloooo, Medieval Warm Period anyone? Bueller?), it looks to me that they hope to create fear all across the political spectrum and use it to manipulate public opinion. They are the New Carpetbaggers, demagogues of the most despiciable stripe. I hope you're not falling for their miserable fnords.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

What they advocate is neither secure, American, or much of a future.

Poseurs, one and all.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I was suspicious of same when Algore published Earth in the Balance 20 years ago. Why? What did I know about science and climate? Well I thought it odd that they had the solution before they had the problem fully gelled. And that solution was a collectivist command economy type thingy that has 'worked' so well in the past.

Ken said...

Never heard of 'em until you mentioned it. So what's your angle? ;-)

I kid, I kid. I got a dozen donuts says if it ain't Joyce, it's Soros (or is Soros at the bottom of Joyce too?).

Stranger said...

Anthropogenic Global Warming does not work for anyone who paid attention in either high school history, or junior high science classes. At least as they were when Truman was President.

For one thing, H2O molecules have seven times the heat retaining capacity of CO2 molecules - and H20 outnumbers CO2 by 15,500 to 380.

Put another way, H2O raises global temperatures by 58 degrees F. CO2 by a fraction of a degree.

And then there are the climate cycles. Every thousand years as far as you care to go back, we have had a warming period.

But Hansen was right. We probably are on the verge on an ice age. It's time.

And yes, Ken, Soros is the money behind Joyce.


BobG said...

State of Fear by Michael Crichton is looking more plausible all the time, isn't it?

By the way, I have a link in my last post you may be interested in, as a fan of interesting technology.

Ed Rasimus said...

I sumbled over "Marine Military Academy" thinking the Brig. General was commandant or some functionary at a spin-off from Annapolis. Clicked to find it nothing more than an elementary school/prep academy in Texas.

Roberta X said...

Oh, it goes all the way through High School at least, Ed, and they have Actual Uniforms, too. From the Wikipedia article, it seems they may in the past come a bit too close to genuine USMC; and there are signs of other, more serious issues, too.

Seems much of a piece with the other luminaries involved.

skipelec said...

We went Home Depot today and bought 4 pitchforks and 500' of rope.
Just say when people.

Hunter said...

Cannot find any information on Gen Christman right now, but he was my Combat Engineer battalion commander during my first tour in Germany, '80 - '81. Later, we lived down the street when he was commander of the Engineer Center and Ft Leonard Wood. Smart guy in a lot of ways, with a lot of high level military arms negotiations behind him. Supe at West "...enemy camp" Point before retirement.
Odd how Kimsey Foundation does not come up with a hard link (at least for me, I will try again).

Firehand said...

Hey, give 'em a break*; fear is all they have...

*Skull preferred, arms and legs acceptable.