Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Care Bill Hell

...I keep readin' about the Senate monstrosity, all lumps and angles and payoffs and I still can't quite believe any of 'em can look at themselves in the mirror and feel at all good about it. It hasn't got any of the provisions the far-Left wanted, it's hideously unequal in the way it treats the various and assorted states and citizens residing therein -- and let us remember, even the rich, fat-dripping pork it promises the Senators who held out for special-extra is no more than a promise, pork in the sky by and by only if one's own nasty little suckling makes it through the House-Senate negotiation process.

And for this mess, Senate Democrats have mortgaged their souls -- and my future! It's not even what they wanted; it's merely got a few of the same warts, sufficient to throw a cloak over it and claim, lo, concealed below is Everything You Need.

I wouldn't count on it.


Tango Juliet said...

I'm sorry to report that Nebraska's Senator, Ben Nelson, was a hold out before being "promised" millions in
"Federal" dollars for Medicare ala' Mary Landrieux.

We all know of course, these "Federal" dollars are in reality taxpayer dollars, so in effect, it's yet another entitlement we the taxpayer must pay for.

All in all, quite disgusting. We can't get rid of the guy until 2012 and that's what he's counting on.

Tam said...

The short attention span of the electorate has always been a safe bet for politi... Hey, let's go ride our bikes!

Will Brown said...

It's not all bad news on the health care front Roberta. Granted, we'll all probably have to take a vacation to Costa Rica or Isreal to get some, but at least the .gov can't make it totally unavailable. And won't either; you know they want it themselves.

Ed Skinner said...

As someone who works with technology, you probably understand the adage, "the more you fix it, the worse it gets."

Health care is expensive because government meddling has created opportunities for the greedy. Right now the benefactors are the insurance companies.

As in so many other areas, the free market is perfectly capable of finding its own balance.

Repeal the laws and let the free market work.

Ed Skinner said...

Tam, I *like* your attitude!

BobG said...

The sad thing is that they don't even seem embarrassed by this monstrosity they have cobbled together; there was a time when some politicians at least tried to fake being concerned about their electorate.

"When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'"
- Theodore Roosevelt

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Mortgaged their souls?

What souls would those be, pray tell?

Paul said...

that is just it. they are concerned about their electorate in that they are bringing dollars back to the home district.

Of course I am all for hanging the bastards by their entrails.

Like being killed by ticks. One or two aren't so bad, but get a couple hundred on you and you are a goner.

You got to love the verification code on this one acclu.

Jeffro said...

I just wanna know - what exactly did this monstrosity reform?

Mad Saint Jack said...

Bobbi, you have email.


Jim Treacher is living in Indy

Crucis said...

What did you expect? They're democrats. You don't matter except as a source of tax-money. Did you REALLY expect a democrat to cave?

There's no such thing as a "moderate" or "blue-dog" democrat. A democrat is a democrat and they'll lie to you in a second.

Gray said...

Yes they have mortgaged their souls, but for most it is a fourth or fifth mortgage.

They long ago sold their sister, mother, daughter, and grandmother. Or in the interest of equal opportunity brother, father, son, and grandfather.

Home on the Range said...

I particularly liked the part about the 40 percent excise tax on benefits if you actually have a catastrophic illness and have to use the insurance you are going to pay through the nose for.